Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When It Sucks To Be An Athlete

Let's face it, a lot of people like to see athletes fail. Not only at their sport but at life in general.

Athletes are constantly being watched under a microscope as the whole world waits for them to slip up and be made an example of. This is when it sucks to be an athlete. Does not matter if you are the world's best athlete or a non-starter for a college team. The media are going to take any opportunity available to expose athletes for mistakes that they made on and off the field.

Our society has a fascination with gossip. Whether it be good or bad news, people enjoy being the first ones to know things and knowing it fast. Today's mediums provide the world with fast access to the latest controversy surrounding Chad Johnson and ex-wife Evelyn Lozado or the academic scandal involving UNC athletes.

Whether these athlete's wanted their business to be known or not, the world is going to find out. They are going to find out because they are not ordinary. By being an athlete at a college or professional level, you somewhat sign an invisible pledge stating that your life is no longer private. Any minor mistake could be blown up for the whole world to see. Simply because you are an athlete.

About a month ago I could not scroll through my Twitter timeline without reading every other tweet about "Tyrann Mathieu" or "LSU: Honey Badger" being kicked off the LSU football team. Although you can virtually find an article anywhere on the Internet, I am recommending LSU's Tyrann Mathieu kicked off team. Along with the video, the article provides details into a high-profile college athlete's dismissal from one of the top football programs in the nation.

I do not condone the use of drugs or violating team rules. However, the publicity that this young man received was intense. He received this attention because of his athletic status. If he were an ordinary man who failed a drug test at his ordinary job, I can there guarantee would be no news of it.

This is when it sucks to be an athlete.



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